In Dorca Dental we like to look after you, and a healthy mouth leads to better quality of life.

In any speciality, our team of professionals adapts to the patient’s needs and works on each case individually, providing all the information necessary so that the patient and the professional can together plan the most suitable treatment.

All treatments applied in Dorca dental comply with protocols for disinfection and sterilization, use dental aesthetics and minimally invasive procedures based on respect for tissues and their ability for biological reaction.

Prevention and education

In Dorca dental we offer a control and follow-up program to PREVENT oral disease and PROMOTE health. We will show you the best way to clean your teeth, advise you about the products to use for ideal dental hygiene and provide dietary recommendations to help prevent tooth decay.

Prevention is applicable to the whole population (the elderly, pregnant women, athletes …) with special attention to children and adolescents to teach them how to look after their teeth from an early age.

Different prevention techniques can be used: individualised examinations, fillings, fluoride treatments, dental cleaning, and treatment for halitosis or bad breath.

Fillings and reconstructions

Conservative dentistry treats the dental enamel affected by decay using fillings and reconstructions.

In Dorca dental we perform these procedures with the idea of CONSERVING the dental tissue and RESPECTING its inherent capacity to repair itself by using biocompatible materials that are metal and bisphenol A free.


Endodontics is the speciality related to the diagnosis and treatment of root canal disease. Its objective is eliminate the infection to CONSERVE the teeth and their chewing function.

The tooth nerve may be affected by decay, dental fractures caused by trauma (very common in children), dental fractures caused by the habit of clenching the teeth, or advanced infections of the tissues around the teeth (bone and gum).

In some cases, and in time, a endodontically treated tooth may become infected again; re-endodontics and periapical surgery enables evaluating re-treatment to conserve the tooth. These treatments require good technique and the use of specific material.


Implantology includes treatments dedicated to RESTORING the roots of missing teeth to RECUPERATE correct functionality. This is achieved by implants, titanium butts, with the capacity to naturally integrate into the jaw bones.

Prosthesis and dental aesthetics

The purpose of prosthesis is to REHABILITATE missing teeth to RECUPERATE chewing and speaking and achieve better dental aesthetics.

In Dorca dental we stress the training of our professionals and their experience in fixed prosthesis. This may be performed on the tooth itself or an implant and ensures a very natural appearance using highly aesthetic ceramics.

Treatment of bruxism

Bruxism treats the muscular and joint disorders resulting from the habit of clenching the teeth.


It is a speciality aimed at diagnosing and TREATING disorders of the tissues surrounding the teeth, bone and gums. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most frequent diseases.

In Dorca dental we offer a range of services from prevention, such as dental hygiene, to more complex treatments such as scaling and surgery.


Orthodontics is for people of all ages and is designed to CORRECT the position of the teeth and IMPROVE oral aesthetics and functionality.

This treatment offers the possibility of having a nicer smile. The team of dentists in Dorca dental use the most advanced techniques available: invisible orthodontics (Invisalign), low friction braces (Damon System), lingual orthodontics and aesthetic braces.

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry EXAMINES and TREATS children’s teeth.

Dr. Anna Aiguaviva, paediatric dental specialist in Dorca dental clinic, makes children keen to visit the dentist. She manages the children’s fear and makes their visits to the dentist enjoyable and fun.

Trained in dental traumatology, we regard all cases of children who break their teeth as a priority procedure.